Golf Information for Beginners - What You Need To Know

Vietnam Daily Golf Tour will give you some important information about golf's history, golf courses, rules and how to play golf.
History of Golf
Golf was born around the 15th century in Scotland. In the beginning, this was a sport that royal members or ordinary farmers could play. Unlike the aristocracy with the professional tools, the poor play golf on the vacant grounds with homemade tools.
By 1457, however, the sport was banned because many players were too addicted to play golf but neglect archery practice. In 1502, King James IV removed the ban because he himself became a golfer.
In 1764, the first standard 18-hole golf course was created at St Andrew by its members. The first golf club drafted its official law and organized its annual competition in 1744 under the name "Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers". In the mid-1800s, dedicated private organizations devoted themselves to improving golf's popularity. Specialized equipment such as balls and sticks is also gradually upgraded and improved.

Golf course
Unlike most other ball games, the golf course does not require standardization, but the whole playing and playing process takes place in an area that is arranged before. A standard golf course has 9 or 18 holes, each of which goes with a tee and a putting green. In between these two areas are fairway, rough, bunker and other obstacles such as lakes, rocks...

How to play golf
In order to play golf competently, players must regularly practice. Golf has complex rules and is strictly regulated.
  • First, the player needs to hit the ball from the place of origin (tee box) until it falls into the green. One point is awarded by each touch of the ball, followed by the next course.
  • A golf course has 18 lanes, depending on which the player can play 1 round (18 lanes), 2 rounds (36 lanes) or only half round (9 lanes).
  • After finishing the game will calculate the total number of gained points, the player who has the least score wins.
Basic golf rules
Here are the basic rules of golf:
  • Take the tee shot a long stroke to the hole
  • The tee shot must be on the ground.
  • Do not change the position of the ball after the tee shot.
  • Do not move anything next to the club.
  • If the ball is dropped into water, the ball must be replaced and replaced at the rear of the water and then play again.
  • If the ball is lost, it must be returned to the batting point and thrown to the ground and then re-play.
  • No one is allowed to score points in a match without a witness.
  • When a club is broken, it is not allowed to change the club, for any reason.
  • Pay attention to the ball of the person who stands in the furthest area from the hole, he/ she must hit first.
  • In addition, golf also has its own way of calculating points that players should keep in mind to avoid losing points for unworthy things.

After the article, Vietnam Daily Golf Tour hopes that you can understand more about golf sport.

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Golf Information for Beginners - What You Need To Know

Vietnam Daily Golf Tour will give you some important information about golf's history, golf courses, rules and how to play golf.[...]

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